A passenger elevator is a vertical transport vehicle built to move people between a building's floor. It is specialized in the service it performs, such as hospital emergency, front and rear entrances, double Decker, and other uses. Commonly used elevators include pneumatic vacuum elevators, cable-borne elevators, hydraulic elevators, mine shaft elevators, and more. Today, passenger elevators usually use cable-borne elevators for high safety.

Yida Express Elevator Company is a pioneer passenger elevator manufacturer in China. According to a different speed, our YDJ luxury passenger elevator can be divided into the high speed elevator, low speed elevator, and medium speed elevator. 

Our YDJ passenger elevator is specially-designed for high-end commercial buildings and top-ranking residences. Adopting permanent magnet synchronous motor gearless drive system and top-grade components, our passenger elevator is more energy efficient, comfortable, and quieter.

TGJ Main Configurations 

Permanent magnet synchronous motor gearless drive system, with conversion efficiency reaching 100%. 
Special girls lift-use transducer, being of high intelligent FUJITSU logic control function, real time supervision of running curve and arbitrary connection with computer network 
The latest FUJIYIDA / EPSS Elavator modular intelligent control system for serial communication, information disposal, which can realize remote monitoring and management 
New type permanent magnet synchronous closed loop frequency conversion timing door machine system Door infrared ray curtain safety protection device 
Fashionable and graceful 2.5 m lift car

Standard Specification of YDJ Passenger Elevator

Load (Kg) 450, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1350, 1600
Speed (m/s) 1.0, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0
Most Stops 60
Max. Journey 180m


Standard Design 

YIDA Express Elevator standard car is of simple and fashionable design, which is harmonious with various building styles. 

  1. Three types of frame are available to suit different building conditions.
  2. Car wall is aesthetically patched with stainless steel and spray-powder steel.
  3. The ceiling is optional in standard styles. 
  4. The platform is high-quality plastic floor, or reserve space to lay down stone plate according to host's favor.

Optional color patterns of standard car and landing doors

The car and landing door of YDJ passenger elevator have been heightened with special design: 

1. The car has been lengthened from standard 2.3m to 2.6m; 
2. The landing door has been lengthened from standard 2.1m to 2.2m.
As a professional passenger elevator manufacturer in China, we manufacture a complete line of standard and custom designed elevator systems. Due to their reliable performance, great durability and long lifespan, our passenger elevators, residential elevators and commercial elevators are well received in the Europe, America, Asia & Africa
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