An escalator is a moving staircase that carries people between floors of a building. This conveyor transport device is remarkable for continuous working and large carrying capacity. It is widely used in stations, hotels, office buildings, ports, shopping malls, airports, metros, and more.

We are an escalator manufacturer in China. Our W8 escalator has achieved the advanced level in terms of safety, operation performance, appearance and energy saving. Besides, it is high in quality and low in prices. 

Our YF is the result of perfect design and the latest technology. We strictly implement ISO9001, EN-115 Quality Control System, and each YF escalator is carefully manufactured and tested for good quality.

Main Configurations Escalator trusses are made of special section bar and rectangle steel tube, with stress relieving treatment for durability and non-deformation. The drive device is imported from German FRANDER Company, with the features of high efficiency, smooth running and low noise. The control system adopts Japanese new-generation PLC, which can perform function setting up and automatic fault detection. The remote monitoring interface can be added if necessary. The high-quality handrails and die-cast aluminum or stainless steel stairs ensure the great looks, safety and durability of escalator.

Standard Specification of W8 Escalator

Inclination 30°, 35°
Speed(m/s) 0.5
Step width(mm) 600, 800, 1000
Max. Vertical rise ≤8m


As an experienced escalator manufacturer, YIDA EXPRESS Elevator Company provides a wide variety of products, such as passenger elevators, observation elevators, freight elevators, and so on. Thanks to their high quality and low prices, our elevators are very popular in the global markets, including Europe, America, Asia & Africa
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